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Introduction Muhammad Ibn Sirin - Muslim Scientist

Muhammad Ibn Sirin was born in Basia, Iraq. Muhammad Ibn Sirin was a Muslim and Sharp Mind Scientist in 8th century. He was a Smashing Scientist in Biologists, Neuroscientists, Psychologists.

Introduction Al-Hajjaj-ibn-Yusuf-ibn-Matar - Muslim Scientist

Al-Hajjaj-ibn-Yusuf-ibn-Matar was Born 786–833 (CENTURY) in Greek and Arab mathematician. His Original Rendering was made for Yahya ibn Khalid the Vizier of Caliph Haroon al Rashid. He was Great Mathematicians and Good Muslim Scientist in Islamic Status. He was a Great Translater in Islam.

Introduction Al Masudi - Muslim Scientist

Al Masudi was an Geographers and Earth Scientist, Al Masudi was born in 896 (century)  in Baghdad. he was one of the Best Earth Scientist. Al Masudi was a Pure Muslim Scientist and was a Sharp Mind in Science. He was a Great Geographer in Islam and died September 956 in Cairo, Egypt.

Introduction of Khalid ibn Yazid (Calid) - Muslim Scientist

Khalid ibn Yazid was a Great Alchemy. I think he was owner of Chemists and Alchemists. Khalid ibn Yazid was a muslim scientist in Egypt. Khalid ibn Yazid was the brother of mawiya. Khalid ibn Yazid was dangerous died in 704 CENTURY.

Introduction of Ibrahim al Fazari - Muslim Scientist

Abu Ibrahim al Fazari was born in an Eight-century and Persian Basic Background.
Abu Ibrahim al Fazari was Mathematician and Arstologist. He was a Good and Popular
mathematician and physicist at the Abbasid romance of the Caplif Harun al-Rashid.
Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al Fazari also an Astronomer.